Kennel Cough Prevention

Kennel cough prevention is an important issue, but truthfully, there is only so much you can do, since this is an airborne virus.

You can limit the amount of time that your Golden Retriever is around strange dogs and especially keep puppies and/or older dogs away from any possible exposure.

Depending upon your lifestyle and frequent public outings with your dog, you may want to consider giving a yearly bordetella booster.

If your dog is going to be boarded, give the kennel cough vaccine, a couple of weeks ahead of time, if possible, as all vaccines take a certain amount of time before reaching their full protective stage.

Obviously, if we own more than one dog, we allow them to share toys, food dishes, and sleeping quarters.

Normally, that is not a problem. 

However, if one of them were to contract this virus, it is possible to prevent the others from catching it, although you have to be very diligent in your efforts.

You will need to keep them isolated from each other, as well as feed them out of separate bowls, do not allow them to share toys, and if possible, potty them in different areas of your yard.

The best prevention of all, for any canine illness, is to always maintain their general health, by feeding them a healthy diet, and allowing plenty of exercise.

Healthy dogs do not get sick as easily, or as severely, as those that have a weakened immune system.

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