Kennel Cough Symptoms

Kennel cough symptoms are pretty easy to recognize. 

The first time you hear your Golden Retriever cough, you might mistakenly assume that he has something in his throat and is trying to hack it out.

That's what the sound resembles, and if you were to watch him, you would probably be convinced that he has indeed choked on something.

Except, he doesn't actually have anything in his mouth or throat.

Since this condition causes inflammation in the upper respiratory system, you will notice that his coughing gets worse, if he becomes excited or plays too much, as this irritates the already swollen respiratory tract.

Along with his coughing, he will probably gag and then spit up a small amount of whitish foam.  He may even occasionally vomit.

Other symptoms of kennel cough can include a slight runny nose and occasional sneezing.

Depending upon the severity of the virus, more symptoms involve a loss of appetite, reddened or watery eyes, and/or a fever.

However, most cases of this virus are mild, and other than the hacking sound, you would never guess your dog is sick.

Do keep in mind, that your Golden Retriever does not have to have been boarded in a kennel to catch this contagious infection!

The name itself is misleading, and makes a few people believe that it is impossible for their dog to actually have it, since he has not been boarded anywhere!

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