Kennel Cough Vaccine

Whether or not to give a kennel cough vaccine should depend on how often your Golden Retriever is around other dogs.

Keep in mind that these particular vaccines are not a guarantee that your Golden Retriever won't get kennel cough.

They are similar to a human flu shot, in that the exact strain of the bacterium is not known, so therefore, they can not guarantee 100% protection from this virus.

However, they will help reduce the symptoms and duration of the illness, if given either before, or even after your dog has developed symptoms.

The most common form is an intranasal vaccine.  This is not given with a needle, nor is it injected into skin.

Rather it is in the form of drops that is put into the dog's nostril.

Some are vaccines safe to give at 2 weeks of age, and others at 3 weeks, although many of them need to be repeated when the pup reaches 6 to 8 weeks of age. 

Unless there is an urgent reason, I would not give young puppies any type of bordetella vaccine, as they and their momma shouldn't be around other animals at this point anyway, but rather, should be safely tucked away inside of your home.

These particular vaccines need to be given at least 4 to 7 days before your dogs will be exposed to other dogs.

Unless you are regularly around other dogs, such as in a show ring, or plan on boarding him, this vaccine is not one that I routinely give.

Though one of my dogs did pick up kennel cough from inside my home, it was because a new dog had been brought into the household and had the illness, although her symptoms were not showing yet.

I did then give the kennel cough vaccine to all of my dogs, but truthfully, this is the only time I have done this.

I believe in the use of vaccines, but I also take the stance of less is more.  Just my personal opinion, here!

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