Killing Fleas in Carpet

Once your house has been invaded, killing fleas becomes your number one priority!  People go to great lengths to try and rid their house of these pests.

They worry about the carpet, the baseboards, and every little teeny, tiny crack that is inside of their homes.

All of this worry and stress truly is unnecessary!

Killing fleas in carpets and anywhere else in your house that fleas may be hiding, is actually very simple to do.

Getting rid of them simply consists of 2 basic steps. 

┬ęPhoto Courtesy of JoAnne Bacon

The first step, which is also the most important step, involves treating your dog with a topical flea preventative.

The next step is what to do about your home.  Believe it or not, vacuuming is the second step of living flea free!

When fleas are in their protected cocoon stage, they can stay like this for a very long time.  They only emerge out of it when they believe that a food source is near by. 

Vacuuming Makes Killing Fleas Much Quicker!

To speed up this process and shorten the flea life cycle, vacuuming is an easy, cheap, and quick way to fool these pests into leaving their protected space, making killing them much faster and easier.

The vibrations from vacuuming can fool the pupae into believing that there is a nearby food source, and they will emerge from their protected cocoons in search of it.

Once they emerge, killing them is accomplished by being sucked into the vacuum, or by biting into your protected dog.

Many people say to change the vacuum cleaner bag after you vacuum, so they can not escape from it.

┬ęPhoto Courtesy of JoAnn Srein

I don't do this.  Not only is that expensive to do, but to me, it's a wasted effort.

It is much cheaper to simply purchase some flea powder, dump a small pile on the carpet and then vacuum that up, before you do the rest of your vacuuming.

Then you only need to replace the vacuum bag when it is full, as you normally would.

As for vacuuming, you can do this as often or as little, as you see fit.

By simply combining the steps of protecting your dog and vacuuming, you can live in your house without ever worrying about getting a flea bite!

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