Lady Sahara Rose (Moo Moo)

by Emma

Taken from me far too soon, the house is empty and cold without you.

My constant shadow, and friend you greeted me at the door like l was famous overjoyed and doing the Sahara salsa.

So many wonderful days together you were so very loved by all that knew you.

Every one has had wonderful things to say, "She even walked with grace and elegance" "the kindness dog" "she knows you, she will always be your girl" but best of all "see her tail wag, that's for you and only you, you earned that it can't be brought or sold"

Sahara was my whole world she had been there for me though everything and I was there for her. The bond we had was like nothing anyone else had ever seen.

She started life as a gift to me
Then her life became my gift
And my life her gift
Then her death, her final gift.
I gave her everything but she asked for nothing
My daughter, my girl my Moo Moo

You look amazing from right here
Up there in the atmosphere
Shining like a super star
Come down and take me to where you are
So we'll be right there, right there
Together we'll be right there, right there
We'll be right there
So amazing

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Dec 16, 2016
Your baby is amazing
by: Lana

Your golden was amazing, hope she is happy on the other side.

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