by Scott James
(Superior, WI)

After 15 years, old "Louis J's" body finally gave-out. He literally could no longer get himself up. My wife and I tried our best carrying him down the four steps to our back yard, but we knew the inevitable was on our doorstep. The vet came out to our home, sedated Louie, and sent him to his finally resting place. We wrapped him in his favorite blanket and placed him in a neat little coffin we made. With him was his "puppy", "piggy", and what was left of his football. I thought the worst was over, until I began digging his grave the next morning.

I have lost my mother, father, other family members, numerous friends, been divorced, etc... But, without a doubt this is the hardest emotional thing I have ever gone through. I feel that a large part of me is in that grave with my beloved Louie!

To say the golden retrievers are special dogs is a gross understatement. I honestly believe they are the most incredible organism on this planet period, including the much overated species, man.

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Apr 08, 2020
My Luckers
by: Cari

We said goodbye to my golden Lucky or Luckers almost a month ago. I had him for almost 15 years. He went into kidney failure and stopped eating. Also had to help him outside and my husband had to carry him sometimes. He wasn’t just a dog but my boy. Hardest decision of my life. He was suffering. I am still grieving. I miss him so much. I still wake up thinking I hear him barking. Goldens are the best. Only dog I ever had! I got him when I was 22. He was with me when I got married and had 2 kids. He was very well loved. Sorry about your loss too.

Feb 25, 2020
My beloved Casey's time is near I am heartbroken
by: Anonymous

We have had Casey, our Red Golden since he was 7 weeks old. He had a huge mast cell tumor we had removed but we did not elect to put him through chemo. He is still with us but he time is short as his tumors have returned and he can barely walk at all without a sling or assist.

I have never been so sad and heartbroken in my entire life. It is hard to imagine not having him here with me. We love him so much. A wonderful being much better than many humans. I can't even begin to prepare myself without becoming despondent.

Prayers for all of them and their parents when they have to say good bye. We love you Casey.

Feb 17, 2016
by: David

Couldn't of said it better myself. I had a similar experience today. I have had my beautiful boy for 14 years.

He could finally no longer walk on his own or eat his food. I knew the inevitable was at hand and so I had to call a vet to come to my home (as I was no way going to take him to a Vet office).

I still can't believe he is gone. I wake up and my dog that I have seen every morning for the past 14 years is now no longer with me.

I know some people say "get over it, it's just a dog", but I have to tell you there are quite a few human beings I would trade in for that lovable dog.

Anyways just wanted to write to you as my story sounds very similar to yours. Hope all is well.


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