My Baby Boy Goldberg

by Alicia & Patty
(New York)

Goldberg was the sweetest dog I have ever met. Never bit anyone and just wanted to be loved and pet.

You were our baby boy and we miss you so much.We miss the sound of your dog tags clinking together when ever you entered the room.

We can still feel his presence around our house and it has not gotten easier since the day you passed.

We will never forget him or the memories we have shared. He was our little goalie whenever we would kick a ball towards him. Always smiling and wanting to play.

He is our little angel and we will forever miss him. Life has been weird without him and it feels as though something is missing

R.I.P Goldberg♄ We miss you

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Mar 09, 2012
sorry about your loss
by: shauna weikel

So sorry about your loss. It is so hard losing a pet. Not only a pet but a companion. My heart goes to you and your family. But you have wonderful memories to cherish forever.

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