My baby Nuggett

by Harriett

I will always remember her picking me at the breeders! I sat on the floor cross legged while her 2 other sisters were playing and romping she climbed into my lap, licked my hand and nuzzled her head against me! She picked me! She wasn't the prettiest, but her heart was so big and loving. We had almost 14 years of that same love. She got me thru some really tough times and I miss her so much. Today, 10 months after she's gone, we are going to let another group pick us out, and in will be looking for that same heart. We can't bring her home for another 6 weeks, but I will tell her stories of my beloved nuggett.

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Dec 29, 2018
So Right!
by: Mike V

When I had my third litter a couple educated themselves on "How to pick a puppy" and after all their "studying" we told them that the puppy picks you, not the other way around. They were chosen by a sweet little female.

Sep 13, 2016
Precious Babies
by: Melissa

How familiar the story of your "little nugget" sounds like my Bailey. We had one Golden, our Cassidy, who lost her companion and was getting depressed so we decided to find her another friend. We went to the breeder and like yours, the siblings were running around like wild children and then Bailey came up to me, climbed in my lap and gave me kisses. I knew right then, she was the one. They were like sisters from the get go. The most perfect babies I could have asked for. Unfortunately we've experienced the tragedy of losing both of our girls this year, 1 in January, 1 in June. We just recently found a local breeder and will be expecting our home to be full of Golden love very soon. They really are the best breed there is.

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