My Beautiful Ruby

by Millie

Ruby and my sister. :)

Ruby and my sister. :)

Ruby always has her nose stuck in something. A week or so after I brought her home, my little brother had stolen cookies from the cookie jar and left it in the floor. That was when Ruby barged in the room and found the cookies and stuck her head in the jar. She managed to eat the cookies, but she couldn't get her head out! She was stuck with a jar on her head while a minute or so, before my little brother confessed and got me to help her out. Thankfully I successfully pulled it off her head painlessly!

Right now Ruby is all grown up, and she is happy and healthy. She has the best temperament I've ever seen in a dog. She has worked as a 'comfort dog' for troubled teenagers at my mum's work, but only with clients my mum really trusts.

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