My best friend, Brody.

by Savannah

Brody and I younger days

Brody and I younger days

I was two years old when my mom loaded my brother Jadon, our family friend Krystal and me into the car and headed to New Jersey to pick up our new Golden Retriever. However we were never supposed to get Brody, we had no plans of getting a dog until one day my older sister ran inside from the bus stop telling my mom about a free golden retriever. My mom told her nothing in life was ever free but decided to give the lady a call anyway. The lady on the phone said she had just promised the puppy to another mom hung up the phone then called the lady back and told her how she had five young kids who would love this dog and promised to give him a good home. A little later after hanging up the phone our house phone rang again, it was the owner of the dog, she said she called the other lady and told her that she really felt our home would be a better fit for the puppy...with that being said my mom, brother, family friend and I all jumped into the car and headed on our way to pick up our new puppy.
As we pulled in the driveway a man pulled up right next to us. My mother asked, "Is this where the golden retriever is." He replied confused, "yes." He had been away on business and had no idea his wife was giving their brand new puppy away, for free too. The husband and wife bickered about giving him away and what else they were going to give us but eventually came to the conclusion it was best we got him because their young daughter was very allergic to him. Upon giving us the puppy the woman had one last request, one that she would never be able to tell if we abided by this, but at least wanted to ask. She requested we keep the puppy's name. She had got him close to St Patty's day and had named him Brody because of that. Fortunately my mom loved his name and did decide to keep it. After that we packed up into the car and headed home with our new puppy, little did we know our lives would never be the same again.
Brody was an amazing puppy, but just that a puppy. He was a wild child. He loved to run, run and run some more. He was constantly escaping our home and sometimes would be gone for days at a time. One time he followed my brother Jadon to his friends house and went missing for a few days. Jadon felt so bad he went door to door until he found him at an older couples home. They had two other golden retrievers and said Brody slept right in their bed with them and the other dogs and that they had planned to keep him if they couldn't find his owners. That just goes to show how yes he was a wild boy, but also was the sweetest thing alive if complete strangers took him in without ever seeing him and then allowed him to sleep in their bed. He just had a way of making people love him so much, just by looking at them.
Every childhood memory I have Brody is apart of. My brothers Chris Jadon and I used to play this fun game in the garage where we would throw a blanket over us and yell, "The bees are coming the bees are coming!!" Then Brody (who was the bees) would come and attack the blanket, hard enough to make us have a blast but also gentle enough to not hurt us. My brothers, Nelson, Chris and Jadon would play football with him in the side yard, he'd even let them tackle him. All the neighborhood kids loved Brody...some even said they liked our Brody better then they liked their own dogs. He just had that kind of magic on people. He was so lovable.
Just when we thought life couldn't get any better we got Bella a bichone, she was a recuse dog. Our first day with Bella my mom and I took her and Brody for a walk. When the neighbors dogs started barking at Bella Brody jumped in front of her and started barking back...just like an older protective brother would do. My mom jokes that he was just like a normal plant man, never listening, always picking fights and being protective of his little sister. Bella changed Brody for the better. He started eating more because he didnt want Bella to eat all of his food. We were able to get rid of his dog house because now he knew to just stay in the yard. Although sometimes when he was feeling a bit dare devilish he and Bella would both try to cross the street, Bella being a scared recuse dog would stop at the main road while Brody would go a little farther but would always come back because he couldn't leave his friend alone. They did everything together They loved to play fight, Brody always being gentle because he knew he could hurt Bella if he actually tried. They would lay on the couch together and Bella would give him kisses on his face. They were the best of friends.
As Brody started getting older he got calmer and calmer. Eventually he stopped being able to jump on the couch, his hearing started to go and all he did was pretty much follow my mom around the house. He was her best friend. Every now and then he would play fight with Bella. We had to help him get up and down the steps to make sure he wouldn't fall. He needed that sense of security to know that we would be there to catch him incase he couldn't do it...and we always were. On April 26 of 2013 I came home from school to find Brody laying down at the bottom of the steps. I looked at my moms face and I knew something was wrong. Then I heard the words, "we have to put Brody down." I told her no, that we could get him up..but we couldn't. I sat with him down by the front door and cried and kissed him and told him how much I loved him and how sorry I was that we couldn't do anything. We waited for Chris to get home then helped Brody get into the car. As I drove I had the rear view mirror fixed at Brody's face. I stared at him as I drove to the vet. The vet put him on a stretcher and explained the process of what was going to happen. My mom and I laid on the floor and held onto him while it happened. In my head I kept saying, "I'm so sorry, wake up, I'm so sorry." Brody was pronounced dead at exactly 5:00 PM. My mom and I laid with him for awhile, crying. Until Chris finally said said it was time ago. We brought Brody home to bury him. He still looked so beautiful, and so peaceful. My dad and Chris buried him, along with the help of one of Chistopher's friends. My dad made his friend say a prayer for Brody.
He is now buried in our backyard. It's so weird to think that he's never coming back, but I like to believe he is waiting on the rainbow bridge or that he's in heaven with my grandma waiting for us. As my sister Shaylynn once said, "Today my mothers words echo (nothing is free) and the price paid is a heavy heart a very heavy heart." To our Brody, you lived a long happy life, 15 years 3 months and 13 days. We love you, we miss you. Rest in Paradise our beautiful boy. January 13 1998- April 26 2013

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