My best friend Riggo

by Patti Stricklin
(Annapolis, MD)

riggo the pirate

riggo the pirate

riggo the pirate beach boy christmas boy

Riggo was named after Redskins running back, John Riggins and he lived up to his name.

He was born big... had huge feet and a huge heart.

Everyone loved Riggo, even those that were not big dog lovers. He went everywhere with us, including visiting our son in the outer banks where he runs a pirate adventure for kids.

He loved kids, other dogs, cats, people. He loved Christmas too. He would tear open presents and especially loved the tissue paper and making a big mess.

He was so much fun to be around....had a way of always making things fun even if he was covered in mud. He died way too young, just shy of 10. It was the hardest time for all of us.

It's now just a year past and I miss him every day. I know he knew how much we loved him. I just wish he could have been here longer.

“Loved by Patti, Vernon, Jared and Nastassja”

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