My Gentle Giant Cody

by Max
(Sidney, OH)

11/16/1999 - 1/1/2011

I had my Cody Bear for 11 precious years.

He was there through many tough times in my life. We had lots of good times too, though.

He just wanted to be where ever I was and always wanted my hand on him. He would take his nose and nudge my arm to get my hand back if I removed it.

If I left a room it would be a guarantee that it would not be long that he noticed I was gone and you would hear him looking for me.

He always seemed to understand how I was feeling.

If you came to visit, he would run to grab his blankeys to great you.

He loved to go for walks down to the barn and would get so excited when he would see me put on my "barn" jacket. He knew it was time to take a walk.

He was a big fan of gloves and socks too. :) In his younger days he was known as the "sock thief".

What expressive loving eyes he had. I will miss him forever.

Rest in peace my gentle giant....I love you....and always will.

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