My Heart, My Sammy

by Suki

Smilin' Sam

Smilin' Sam

He came to me from a neighbor that didn't want him. I use to watch him in her back yard, jumping with her children on the trampoline. Sammy's doggie smile, excited barks, golden red fur bouncing in the sun. How could she not want him?

So I adopted Sam. He had damage to his hind quarters that caused weakness, but it never slowed him down.

He found fun and caused smiles and laughter for the entire 8 years he graced this earth. He was my walking companion, cuddle buddy, movie watching pal, tennis ball chasing fiend.

He knew his dinner time to within the minute and was at my feet with his playful reminders that dinner was due. He woke up smiling and went to bed smiling, and thus I did too.

He loved making new friends on our walks and travels. He always leaned in for hugs, loves and pats. They were his due, and people responded every time. His ears were stroked by more people than I have met in a lifetime.

He loved me unconditionally. The feeling was mutual. Though my tears are still falling and my heart, broken in too many pieces to consider, I am so very glad he graced my life with his love.

I lost him suddenly, and unexpectedly. We had a great day, I brushed him, walked him, played ball in the park with him, then suddenly he fell ill.

Oh, God, please, please let us meet again. I hope I made the right choice for my most beloved friend., he deserves Heaven, with unlimited balls and toys, and soft kind hands to stroke him.

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