My precious Heidi

by Kelli

August of 2003, my friend found a Golden in the park, she would not leave that spot.

She put up signs to see if anyone would claim her. No one said a word even after 2 weeks, we left up the signs.

She brought her in to the office and me and Heidi (what we named her) connected right away. She came right up to me and demanded I pet her.

Poor baby was so skinny and full of burs in her fur, and had tons of fleas. We took care of all of that.

A month later they thought she was pregnant, since she was nesting and acting pregnant.

It turned out she had an infected uterus. We were almost positive that she was left in the park on purpose because her feet were groomed and teeth were so white and she was trained, the only thing we could think of was she could not have babies so they got rid of her.

I had a bond with Heidi of my own and so did my husband of his own. The 3 of us became a family, she was my best friend instantly. She got me and I got her.

We had tried to have babies of our own and ended up losing all 3 to miscarriage, Heidi got me through all of that.

No matter how hard life got she was there to hug and kiss on and just smile at me. She brightened every persons life she came into, even when we were at a stop light and she had her window down( she loved to go in the car) I would look over and people in the next car would be smiling at her and laughing, she made everyone smile, she had a heart of gold.

At the end of Febuary of this year I came home to pet her belly and saw a huge something on her tummy, took her to the vet and they had to wait two weeks to remove it, they also found out it was a very aggressive cancer.

They thought they had removed it and tested other spots and it came back negative. 3 weeks later she stopped eating, had trouble walking. We thought it was her hip so we bought her medicine for it.

The weekend came and she could not hold down even water and she would not move. I took her to the vet where I found out the cancer had spread to the point the tumors were cutting on her circulation to half of her body. It was swelling, and the tissue was dying.

She had given up and just laid there with her eyes closed, the vet said that she was in lots of pain and was on her way out.(She said it way nicer). My heart broke in two, this is my child, my baby, my heart, my best friend.

This was April 1st. We just put her ashes to rest over the weekend, my depression has taken over and I do not know how to move on. I have never had anything die that lived with me, I feel my heart has died.

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May 30, 2013
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you both so very much it means a lot to me and helps to know that how I am feeling is normal, Golden's are the best dogs, and we are going to get another one but we are going to give our hearts time to heal. Me and my husband got married Oct 2002 and she came into our lives Aug 2003, She has been with us for most of our marriage and in our only house. so every where I go there are memory's of her.

May 30, 2013
So Sorry
by: Anonymous

So very sorry to hear about poor Heidi....nothing ever replaces a goldie....we are on no.6 now but the heartache of losing each & every one of them is something you never get used to.....we lost Jessie just over 2 years ago, she was only 10 & I still talk to her everyday & weep at the drop of a hat over our loss....we have Gracie now who is 18 months old & is great grandaughter to Jessie....we see signs of Jessie in Gracie & sure Jessie talks to Gracie & tells her to get up to mischief.....we love Gracie to pieces as we have & still do all of our goldies but each one has individuality which brings a new happiness.....nothing compares to the unconditional love a goldie brings & I hope the happy memories you have of Heidi will help you through & in time you will be ready to share your love with a new goldie who will bring you happiness xx

May 29, 2013
by: Lisa

Love is what our Goldens have brought to us unconditional love.
We just lost ours to cancer as well. The 17th of May.
Its very hard no doubt and we are just taking it one day at a time.
Many friends of mine say get another golden that will help they say.

Our golden wow what an angel fur person he was.
It might help to get another Golden.

I want one but my hubby cant handle going through the pain again losing another animal.

when I was young i lived on a farm I had to deal with losing many of my animals. It was very hard but it did help me through this.

In time it will get easier. At least you will never lose you're memories.

you are in our prayers.
We are so sorry.

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