My Ranger Dog

by Megan

Ranger enjoyed walks in the State Park

Ranger enjoyed walks in the State Park

My parents married when I was 10. My dad adopted me, and that same year he gave me Ranger.

Ranger was his Golden's son and my best friend.

I took care of Ranger's mom when she was pregnant (walking and feeding her) and helped Ranger into this world when Maggie gave birth.

Ranger was the first of seven pups in the litter

I held him through his vaccinations and growing pains, and he returned the favor by comforting me through a friend's death and having to "put down" my gentle old horse.

We were inseparable -- to the point of him not eating if I didn't feed him, and me not sleeping if he was worried about the weather.

Our time together was cut short when he died at age 9, months shy of his 10th birthday.

My Ranger Dog left a big hole that may never be filled.

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