Our beloved Bailey

by Debbie Orr
(Huntington, NY)

We got Bailey as a puppy. We were naive when choosing a puppy and he came complete with fleas and worms.

We took care of him and he became a part of our family.

Although 83 pounds, Bailey believed he was a lap dog and draped himself over us every chance he got.

He was needy and loved attention.

I used to complain about all the hair in the house. Now I would do anything to have it back.

We were devastated when he passed at the age of 8.

My 11 year old son wrote this poem.

A flame in my heart has dissipated.
A bond has been broken; but never severed.
An eternal void lies in my wake, consuming all happiness around it.
My life has been shattered into fragments, never to be pieced back together.
Laid to rest with his belongings; his possessions, he is now at peace.
Though it is a fact I can never agree with, I must know at least now that he never really left us?

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