Our beloved Gus

by Steve Windergen/Patricia Simmons
(Aberdeen, SD, USA)

We lost our beloved Gus on 07/23/2010.

He had been my fiance's only companion for over 11 years when we met.

I moved in with my 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Gus accepted us with an open heart and became a big brother to Scooter Bug and Libby Loo.

He would let our friend Fiona's 2-year-old daughter Lily use him for a pillow. He played so gently with Lily, Scooter, and Libby....always so sweet and letting them win a tug-o-war match just because.

The day we realized Gus was ill and not going to get any better was the hardest day for us.

I had never been around a Golden before and Gus was so sweet, had a wise soul and a big heart full of love. We miss him every day.

We now have 2 more Goldens, Jethro and Sara Belle, but no one will replace our beloved Gus in our hearts and we know we will see him at the Rainbow Bridge some day.

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