Our Beloved Nugget

by Tom and Maria Lemmon
(Canton, Ohio)

Nugget was my very first Golden Girl. She came to us in 2001 and since then our lives have been so much better. Nugget and I have been thru alot together. My sister was bed ridden in a coma, dying of brain cancer. I placed Nugget on her lap to let her know that I had finally got a loving dog. Nugget somehow made my sister move her hand to stroke her and made my sister softly comment on how soft she was. Nugget was a fighter. At age 6 she was diagnosed with CLL, Chronic Lymphocytic Leaukemia. This was a "treatable cancer" but a fight Nugget would not give up. Nugget received great treatment. I am a former State Trooper, and when she was diagnosed, I went back to college to pursue a Vet Tech degree. I always said that if and when the day ever came for me to make such an awful, painful decision, that I would never allow my girl to suffer. Quality of life should be the priority of a loved one, especially our pets.

Nugget remained in remission for nearly 6 years after her diagnosis. Sadly to say, however, that at age 11 1/2, she succombed to a hemangiosarcoma, stomach bleed, which forced us to make that painful decision. Even as a vet tech witnessing several euthanizations of others never is easy especially when it is your own. Nugget stole my heart from day one at 8 wks old, and has stolen it again. I have changed and know it. Even though we still have 3 other beautiful Golden Girls, Annie, Josie, and Miley, we are filled with a hurtful void without our Nugget. Years from now when God calls me home I know I will see my Nugget again, and I will be the keeper and protector of the gate atRainbow Bridge with Nugget by my side.

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Sep 23, 2016
Miss my timmy
by: Anonymous

So sorry for your loss i lost my beautiful timmy 8 years old to leukimia and my heart is breaking i feel empty x

Jun 17, 2013
so sorry
by: Kelli

I am so very sorry for you loss and know your pain too well. Goldens are the best dogs and so very sweet it is hard to say good bye even when you know it is the right thing. I had to say goodbye to my Heidi April 1st of this year and I miss her every day and my heart still hurts. She helped me get through so much and loved life and everyone around her. (hugs)

Jun 15, 2013
Our Beloved Nugget
by: Anonymous

What a touching story. God Bless these folks who obviously did whatever it took to take care of Nugget. I appreciate knowing someone whom used to be an officer and now a vet tech will continue to watch over the animals when the time comes.

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