Our Best Friend Charlie x

by Liz

Charlie was a shy, scared little puppy when we first bought him home, but just days after having him he turned into our little bundle of joy. He would follow us around, loved to show his puppy eyes when food was around, enjoyed walks playing hide and seek, and most of all loved his toys and treats. He had beautiful brown eyes and a lovely golden coat.

He loved his family more than he loved himself. The unconditional love that was there, can never be replaced.

Unfortunately, Charlie left us for Rainbow Bridge at the young age of 5. He battled a snake bite, lung operation, and a very poor immune system. We were then told when he went downhill that he suffered an anphalatic shock and the same day he passed away in my arms with the rest of the family around. His death is unexplained, and the vet even said they threw the book at him but to this day can’t say what was wrong.

We miss Charlie, and would do anything to bring him back. But now we hope he is waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge. He is forever in our hearts.

Love you Charlie, God Bless You x.x

17th October 2004 - 19th June 2010

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