Our boy Jake

by Joseph
(Reno Nv)

On the day my youngest child was born I was blind sighted by the fact that it was a girl instead of a boy. After all,The doctor told us were having a boy and we had the name Jacob picked out for him. We named our third daughter Emily. A few years later my wife left me with three little girls to raise by myself . I bought a Golden for the girls as a Christmas gift and we named him Jake. On his pedigree papers his name appears as "Our Boy Jake". Jake went on to be a very special part of our family. Well almost 12 years has gone by and Jake was getting old and weak and was diagnosed with cancer. The day after my 60th birthday my daughter Morgyn called me at work crying asking me to come home cause Jake had collapsed in the front yard and could not get up. We took our boy to the vet and for an hour and a half Emily pleaded with me not to let him go. After many tears were shed by all, I convinced the girls and myself that it was time to let Our precious boy Jake go peacefully. This has left us completely devastated and broken hearted but I believe we were very fortunate to have been able to hold him in our arms when he took his last breath rather then finding out that he died at home alone while laying on his blanket. It has only been 3 days since he left and at this point I am beating myself up for putting him down. I know it was the right thing to do cause he is no longer in pain but I feel so guilty. I miss Jake every minute of my days and hope he is ok. I miss you so much Jacob and I am so sorry that it had to be this way. I will never ever forget the joy you brought to our family. Take care buddy! XOXO Joseph

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