Our Darling Millie

by Sandra Miller
(Christchurch UK)

Our Darling little girl Millie born 12th April 2007 died Saturday 16th April 2014 at 3.15 pm.

Her name came from our surname the Millers, she will be missed by the whole family.

Millie was an obedient little girl she was almost human she understood so much, learnt things we taught her, she even sang the song 'How much is that doggie in the window'.

Her passing was very tragic we were on holiday and left Millie in the safest hands possible, my parents which Millie knew as nanny and granpa, she would not eat for about 5 days so mum and dad took her to the vets they done a blood test and found something not right so they asked for a urine sample which my sister managed to get from Millie and then the vets found she had kidney failure. They then put her on fluids through a drip,the next day they said it was no use Millie was getting worse.

I flew back from our family holiday on the next available flight leaving my family on holiday to find our little girl gave up the fight and died peacefully in Spring Corner Vet.

No other dog will replace our darling Millie she was our first and will be our last.We had three sons so Millie was our little girl, my youngest boy Jordan would walk Millie every morning before school. My brother Geoff would walk her when ever we were away and I would walk her in the day.

Our lives are so empty without her, we come home and our house is so quiet and empty.We will always love you Millie Moo as long as we live and for ever.R.I.P. darling little baby girl.xxx

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