Our Golden Girl Izzy

by Katie

Seven and a half years ago, my Mom and I drove to Blue River, Oregon to check out a Golden Retriever puppy. Our house had just been broken into, and the police had mentioned we should consider getting a dog to provide a better sense of security and comfort in our home. Little did we know how much more she (Isabella) would provide us when we saw her little body bounding into our laps to play. Certainly she provided the security and comfort we were told any dog could provide, but more than that, she provided us with happiness, unconditional love, and oh so much joy. The night we brought her home, I remember her slipping and sliding on our hardwood floor. After she got tired of trying to maintain her balance, she found comfort in stretching her little body over my feet as I looked down at her in love.

My Mom and I had Isabella for seven and a half years. Even though we are both thankful for that time, we feel that she was robbed of a long life, as she was diagnosed with a rare disease called masticatory muscle miotisis when she was six, and her condition significantly deteriorated over the past year. We decided to put her down last week.

Izzy had the sweetest soul, and a BIG love for life. She loved to play fetch in our backyard, take walks on a hiking trail behind our house (she was so smart that even when she was sick, she knew what Mom and I were referring to when we mentioned "GOing on a w..."). She SO loved to be loved. In fact, she knew that whenever my Mom and I sat by this chair in our front room that she could expect a back rub, tummy rub, ear rub, etc., because we called it the "love station". She would even bark for us to go sit there and just love on her. We always joked that if she could drive a car, the bumper sticker on the back of it would say "I bark for love". Izzy had a myriad of interesting habits. She loved to steal our socks and tea towels, she loved to play with plastic water bottles, she loved to chew on empty cardboard toilet paper rolls, and she loved human food (especially rotisserie chicken).

I miss my Golden Girl so dearly... the house is so quiet without her. I would give anything to see those big brown eyes, that long tongue, or to bury my face into her fur again. You are loved, beautiful girl, our Bella, our Principessina. We hope you're enjoying the golden fields of heaven.

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Apr 11, 2017
Sorry for your loss
by: Cindy

I know how you feel. Only last month I had to put my sweet girl Amber down. I had her for almost 13 years. Your dog sounds a lot like my dog! Very sweet and loving personality, constantly wanting to be petted...we get so attached to out beloved goldens, and for good reason. Izzie sounded like a wonderful dog. I'm so sorry you had to put her down so soon. I try to think of all the wonderful memories I had with my dog, and it does help. I hope it helps you too. Hang in there.

Oct 10, 2012
Dogs go to heaven they have souls too
by: Anonymous

Thank you for writing this, I too have a special pup and I bury my face in his coat. He steals socks right off my feet and likes to play keep away with the paper towel roles. I believe a dog so sweet will be in heaven waiting for us Katie.

Jun 22, 2012
Love multiplied
by: Bambi

Anyone reading this will feel the love, and then the peaceful acceptance, of Izzie's/Bella's life. Most dogs are God's gifts to us humans, but Bella was a precious, special gift.
Thanks for writing so beautifully.

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