Our Josie-girl

by ERH
(SW Michigan)

We lost our precious Golden "Josie" suddenly on August 15, 2010. She was only 7.

Josie was very active and in good health until she started drooling and vomiting one night. But, she still ate and was able to go outside and for a walk with me that night, although she moved slower.

Around midnight we heard a very painful yelp and she was collapsed against the wall, alert but unable to move. I carried her down the stairs and to our van and my wife took her to the 24 hour emergency clinic (I stayed home with our young children) where they were able to see blood pooling around the heart due to a ruptured sarcoma - cancerous growth that was probably there since birth.

We didn't have any options, so we said goodbye to her that night. My wife did it in person, and I did it over the phone as she held the phone up to Josie's ear.

Josie was the greatest friend one could ever have,and I still think of her often.

We got a new Golden from a rescue in November and now our lives are full of joy once again.

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