Our Precious Hannah

Our Precious Hannah (8 1/2 yo) was taken from us suddenly two days ago; and my heart is broken and aching without her.

Our family isn't whole without her. The house is somber with sobs...when there use to be constant laughter and joy.

Hannah wagged her tail so hard her whole body moved. She was so loving and happy that if you looked at her - that was the only invitation she needed to give you kisses and hugs.

She went everywhere with us. To all our daughter's college soccer games, and our son's baseball games. Every trip she jumped into the car and wouldn't move; six hour car rides, and she never made a sound.

We have even gone to restaurants and eaten outside, because she wanted to go with us. She was just happy to be with us. Hannah was the joy of our lives.

At 6am she was wanting to husband to play with her before he left for work, and he got his usual morning kisses from her while he tied his shoes. At 7am she was unresponsive.

A tumor ruptured and fluid put pressure on her heart, ending in congestive heart failure. We didn't know she had cancer.

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Jan 19, 2019
So little time- so big an impact
by: Vicky Carter

So sudden and shocking that it takes your breath. We lost our 8 year old the same way sudden. I didn’t know and I knew him so well. It has been 9 days and I am starting to breathe. May you find comfort and talk to her. I do on the way to work, in the shower. How you doing big boy? They have got to nail down the explosion of cancer since 1990 in this beautiful breed. They deserve so much more!!

Jun 27, 2015
so so sorry
by: Kodamom

i am so sorry about your precious Hannah. We lost our sweet Koda just 2 days ago after a very short battle with cancer as well. Well, short as far as we knew....just 2 weeks. There truly are no words to describe the loneliness and emptiness we feel after losing the lives of our lives. The house is so quiet and empty even with our 4 boys. Devastated doesn't even begin to describe it. That she went so quickly was a blessing for her but I can imagine has been unimaginably painful for you. She sounds like a wonderful girl. I hope she is running and playing and eating tons of treats with my Koda. Love to you. ❤️

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