Our Runts

by Mel

We had a yellow lab that was a part of our lives for a very short 7.5 years and he had a lot of health issues, due to the fact that he was "The Runt" of the bunch!

He was a well behaved, adoring, friendly, and a beautiful boy, who totally picked us! We loved him to pieces, but he became ill and we had to make the final decision. It was the hardest thing my husband and I ever had to do. We were both very much depressed for quite some time.

We had previously discussed getting a second dog, and agreed that our next one, would be a Golden Retriever, but my husband insisted on waiting a year or two.

He was not "ready". Well that was too long for me to go without the pitter patter of the little toes, and the ring-a-ling of the collar!

So I took it upon myself to investigate breeders and look for our new addition without him knowing. We were so, so sad.....I had to do something.

I found a breeder, who's Golden's had been born a few weeks prior to, and communicated on the phone for a couple of weeks. As soon as my husband left to go hunting for the week in late November, I called up my mother in-law and we went on the road trip!!!

I went with NO intention on getting another "runt" only because I was afraid it wouldn't be healthy, and we just couldn't go through all that again.

We walked in the door and all the pups were out playing and bouncing around, but here, there was this short, little fat guy just looking up at me ever so calmly!

I tried to hold a few others but they just wouldn't stop moving lol!

But Rossco, well, he cuddled into me, sat perfectly while I totally checked him out, teeth, ears and eyes and that was that!

The decision was made "The Runt" is coming home with me!

To Derek's surprise he found a Golden Retriever puppy with a big bow and a home made card around his neck, with his little introduction, and that was that.

We were in love yet again with our little bundle of fluff!

Rossco was the best choice I could have made! We have been blessed with great health, perfect size, weighing a whole 58 pounds at 5 years old, and the perfect companion!

Nothing about our sweet Rossco has changed accept the love just keeps growing for him more and more every day.

We are getting him a brother now and I'm thinking "The Runt" once again! My opinion, is they truly are the best, even if their health isn't always perfect!

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Oct 21, 2010
by: Diane

Oh, I love this happy ending! Matter of fact, I moved it to its own page, I liked it so much!

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