Pictures of Fleas

What do Fleas Look Like?

“What do fleas look like?” is a question often asked.

pictures of fleas, drawing of a flea

These pictures of fleas should help you learn to recognize them.

Fleas are tiny and very fast, making it next to impossible to get a picture of them that shows their true size.

pictures of fleas, a flea under a miscroscope

As adults, they are about 1/8 of an inch long and are a copper color. They also have a narrow body.

Their hind legs are longer than their front ones. They do not fly, but get around by running and hopping.

Generally when they bite people, you will see a series of red marks or bumps that are spaced close together, usually about ½ of an inch apart.

This is due from them biting, hopping, then biting again.

However, when they are feeding on a dog, they will stay in one spot or general area, which can cause the dog to have open sores.

These flea pictures are a good representation of what these parasites look like, although slightly bigger than their normal size.

what do fleas look like, fleas feeding
flea pictures, picure of an isolated flea

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