Piper, Sugar Pi Honey Bunch

by Chuck & Nancy
(Granville, OH)

Piper came to us in the usual way, we wanted a Golden, looked through the newspaper classified ads and found her breed, went to have a look at the puppies and ultimately picked her out of the crowd.
She was amazing, cuddly and sweet, full of fun, smart and got along with everyone, including Grandma!
We have two grown sons who quickly nick named her, Sugar Pie Honey Bunch, after the song of the same name.
Piper laid on her back, always had a ball in her mouth, dug holes in the back yard, stole numerous items of clothing left out where she could reach, laid with you if you were sick and watched over little ones this past Thanksgiving.
Wee couldn't have asked for a better friend, buddy, sweetheart.
Last Sunday Piper, out of the blue, started to cluster seizure and they didn't stop till we got her to. Veterinary hospital where they could medicate her.
It took quite a bit to get her to stop seizuring, and then there was no guarantee that she'd be much better, so we made the decision to put her down.
To our little girl, thank you for the wonderful 2 years we had, rest in piece.

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Dec 15, 2012
My Condolences
by: Sioux

I am so sorry for your loss. When we lose a four-legged member of our family, it leaves a hole in our heart.

Until you find a new furry friend, consider getting a 2013 calendar from Love a Golden. http://www.loveagolden.com They're all rescued Goldens, and the photos are gorgeous.

Again, please accept my condolences.

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