We said goodbye to Pippin today. She let me know it was her time to go and I listened with an aching heart.

Pippin just turned 12 when she left us and we will miss her dearly!

The Leitgebs

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Jun 05, 2015
Pippin and Merry
by: Anonymous

We just got our 7th and 8th goldens and named them Pippin and Merry (from LOTR hobbits) After our 6th golden Jessie passed on who was 14 and had survived 3 tumor removal surgeries. Jessie was the "perfect dog" who always sat nearby lying at your feet and walked at your side without a leash and played fetch and swam for hours with such delight. Pure joy in the water. It was amazing watching any creature be so happy as she was in water. It made you feel better no matter what stress or unpleasantness was going on in your people world when you took Jessie to the pond for a swim, watching her enjoy herself so much, it helped make me feel alittle better. Letting her go to the cancer was a very painful goodbye. I still see her turning back to look at me before she would sprint into the pond and her blissful swim. The new golden puppy Pippin is amazingly similar in color but mannerisms - she gets a crinkly brow almost like a chow on her forehead when she is puzzled and will turn and look at me the same way Jessie used to... Pippin has the hobbit personality of her namesake in LOTR so when I saw you had a Pippin golden I just had to comment. I am sorry for your loss of your special Pippin and I understand they cannot ever be replaced..but the new Pippin puppy does give me comfort..I dont ever forget the 14 years with my beloved Jessie, but getting the new puppy Pippin and seeing her quirks helps ease the pain of loss. The time will come when it will be okay for you to accept another animal into your heart..

Feb 02, 2015
My Bailey
by: Kristen

Someone has to hurt-I told myself better me than her. I know she was grateful after 15 yrs I chose her comfort over mine. At 13 she went deaf and learned hand signals. When it was winter and dark, I used a flashlight to get her attention. I wish humans could be so adaptive, she always wanted to please.
I am sorry for your loss-the heart does not care if the loved one had fur.

Jun 15, 2013
by: Maria

Dear folks, I know how hard it must have been. Pippin was lucky to have such love from you to not allow her to suffer. What a great final gift you gave. With sympathy. My own let me know as well.

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