Basic Puppy Care and What You Need to Know!

Good puppy care actually starts from the moment that you decide to get a puppy!

Let’s face it, all puppies are adorable! 

But the last thing you want when bringing home a new pup, and while falling in love with that cute, gorgeous face, is to learn that she is unhealthy or that her temperament does not blend well with your family.

Though Golden Retrievers are known for their very loving nature, there will still be a major difference between each pups’ personality.

Do not make the mistake of picking your pup based just on her looks! 

©Photo Courtesy of Amy Princiotto "Ralph"

Golden Retriever puppy with toy

Watch her and play with her for awhile so you can determine whether her personality is a good fit for you and your family.

When choosing puppies, you will want to carefully check them over to make sure that they are indeed healthy.

Bringing a new puppy home is quite an adjustment for both the pup and you, but if she is healthy, it will make everyone’s life much easier.

Also keep in mind, that it is never a good idea to raise 2 puppies at the same time.  Unless you are extremely experienced in raising dogs, do not give in to the temptation of thinking “two are twice the fun”. 

The truth of the matter is, two puppies are closer to 4 times the work and care, and many people find themselves regretting that choice.

You can always get another one many months later, after you have properly trained the first one.

If you already own an adult dog, you will want to study up on the best way to introduce your new lil' one to him, so that everything goes smoothly.

You'll need to feed her a proper diet, and if you have adult dogs in the house, make sure that their foods are kept separate.

Part of her care will also involve knowing when and how much to feed her.

Crate training is something that should be started on the day you bring her home, so already having a crate waiting on her would be best.

©Photo Courtesy of Nadia and Frank "Jensen"

Golden Retriever puppy sleeping on his back

Along with housebreaking her, you will need to know the difference between a witnessed and an unwitnessed accident and how to best handle each situation. 

Learning the best way to clean up any accidents that she does have, so that there are no lingering odors for her to go back to, will save you aggravation and money!

Proper puppy care includes vaccinations and the pup you are considering, should have already had at least one shot, possibly 2, depending upon its age.

Part of her routine puppy care will involve finishing her series of vaccinations, any de-wormings she may need, flea treatments, and heartworm preventatives. 

In a couple of weeks, you will need to be prepared for her teething and have any necessary teething items on hand for her.

Make an appointment with your vet as soon as you get your new Golden Retriever, so he can give her an exam and start her on the road to a long and healthy life.

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