Puppy Crate Training & Whining

Unfortunately, when it comes to your puppy, crate training and whining do go together!

Actually, there may be times that you wished your puppy only whined, rather than screamed at the top of her lungs!

This is normal behavior and nothing to be worried about.

She has just left the only home she's ever known, left behind littermates and her momma, plus all of her familiar sights and smells.

Of course, she is going to whine and cry!

Though it is hard to listen to, it is not dangerous on the puppy, even when she acts as if someone is trying to kill her!

Trust me, the screaming is an act, and if you simply ignore it, it does eventually stop.

If you do not ignore it, but instead, let the pup out of her cage, or baby her while she in in there, this will make the whining, crying, and screaming even worse.

Every time that she is let out of the cage, while she is whining, only teaches her to whine even more. Except that next time, the screaming will be louder and last longer!

Once this bad habit of crying is established, by you letting her out while she is doing this, it becomes very hard to break.

When you later try to break this habit, your time, efforts, and stress from it, will be very hard.

Not to mention needing ear plugs and possible scorn from your neighbors, as yes, puppies will get that loud in their protests!

It is much easier to ignore some crying now, rather than allow a bad pattern to be created, that will be next to impossible to stop.

Properly crate training puppies, puts a quick end to the crying, and soon she will love being in her cage, and will look at it as a comforting place to sleep.

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