Is Puppy Milk Replacement Necessary?

Too many people bring home a new puppy and start worrying about if they need puppy milk replacement to supplement their pup's diet.

The short and quick answer is, no, puppies do not need any type of milk, be it cow's, goat's, or canned puppy milk. They do need to be on a puppy food and not an adult dog food, but other than that, and some water, that is all they need to thrive.

puppy milk, Golden Retriever pup at 6 weeks of age

A question that is asked many times is, “Is milk good for puppies?”.

No, it isn't.

Milk and dogs is not a good combination. For the majority of dogs, milk causes diarrhea and a very upset stomach.

As people, we think of calcium as being a necessary part of growing healthy and strong, but dogs have a different nutritional body chemistry than we do, and have different needs.

Though they do need calcium in their diets, they need to get this from the dog food that they eat, as it doesn't upset their stomachs that way, and it is formulated to the amounts they need.

The only time a milk replacer is needed for puppies, is if the litter gets orphaned and the momma is not able to feed them. But once the puppies get big enough to be able to eat puppy food, then even that is not needed anymore.

To keep your puppy growing healthy and strong, do not give him milk!

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