How To Stop Puppy Biting

The easiest way to stop puppy biting is to not allow it to get out of hand when you first bring home your new puppy.

All puppies will try and play bite to one extent or another.

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puppy biting, sad looking Golden Retriever puppy

Too many owners make the mistake of going through the “She’s so adorable, I’ll allow this for awhile” stage, then problems become overwhelming when the newness wears off.

Puppy biting is not the same as puppy chewing. Do not allow it.

Some Golden Retriever puppies will gently bite on you, but this will only become more sharp and aggressive if you allow it to continue.

You are not your puppy’s teether and she is not biting on you due to baby teeth bothering her! Your puppy's teething is a whole separate issue. When littermates bite on each other, they are doing so to determine their place in the pack order.

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puppy biting, young Golden Retriever puppies wrestling and biting each other

You will notice that your Golden will bite on children more than they will on an adult. This is because she is trying to figure out who is the boss.

When your Golden Retriever attempts to bite on you, move your hand and firmly tell her no. When she tries to do it again, and she will, try and catch the bottom of her chin in the palm of your hand, sit her down with your other hand, and again tell her no.

If you are able to, you can also try and catch her whole mouth, cupping your hand totally around her muzzle, and telling her no. Then pet her when she is not attempting to chew on you.

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puppy biting, Golden Retriever puppy

As for when she is biting on your clothing, you must be careful, as you can hurt her teeth in trying to undo her sharp razors from you!

Do not just jerk your clothing out of her mouth, you might accidentally loosen one of her teeth.

Tell her “no” and try putting one finger in the side of her mouth while removing your clothing from her grasp with the other hand.

If she still doesn’t let loose, take one finger and tap it across the top of her nose, only using as much force as is necessary.

Some Goldens will immediately let loose, but others will just try and grip harder. If this is the case with your pup, snap your finger a bit harder over her nose.

Always put her into a sit position and pet her when she is not biting. She will quickly learn to stop doing this.

If she is extremely stubborn in her biting, use the shake can method. I always keep several shake cans around the house, as you can’t always predict where the pup will be when she decides to try your patience!

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puppy biting, young Golden Retriever puppy laying on his back

As for your puppy biting on children, always supervise your Golden when they are playing together.

This way you can stop the puppy biting, as your Golden will listen to you better than she will to children.

If your pup is persistent in play biting children, lay your pup on her back, and have the children pet her while you are holding her in this position.

Calmly and quietly tell her "good girl" while you and your children are petting her.

When a dog is laying on its back, this is a completely submissive pose. By having the kids pet her while you are keeping her in this position, shows the pup that the children are above her in the pack order. This is not to scare her, rather it is to gently show her that she must also obey the children.

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puppy biting, beautiful Golden Retriever sitting in a field of grass

As for older Golden Retrievers in your home, you usually don’t have to worry about the puppy biting on them.

They will quickly put the pup in her place if they feel she is getting out of hand!

Generally this behavior can be stopped within a couple of days. Goldens love to please their families and as soon as she realizes that this behavior is not getting her the attention she is craving, she will stop puppy biting.

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