Stopping Puppy Jumping

When you first get your Golden Retriever puppy, jumping up on you will be what he tries to do for attention and play.

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Do not allow this. Even though it may be cute at the moment, it will not be when he weighs 80 pounds!

A 70 to 80 pound dog jumping up can be dangerous to anyone, but especially to young children and older adults.

If puppy jumping during the "Oh, he’s so cute" stage is allowed, it will be a habit that will not be easily broken. As the pup matures, he will not understand that he is doing anything wrong, as he doesn’t realize his size and strength.

Unfortunately, jumping is what causes many owners to either put the dog outside to be ignored, or give him away, because they can’t break his habit and they get tired of being knocked around from the dog’s strength.

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puppy jumping up, young Golden Retriever puppy smiling

Prevention is the key here. A jumping puppy can be taught not to do this, even as young as 5 weeks old.

When your puppy jumps up, tell him “no” while simply putting your hand under his chest and setting him back down on the floor.

When he is on the floor, pet him and tell him “good boy”. If he is very persistent in his jumping, keep one hand under his chest, so that he is forced to be on the floor while you are petting him.

Call your puppy over to you several times a day and pet him while he is either standing next to you, or gently push on his hind quarters so that he goes into a sit position. Then pet him and tell him “good boy”.

Puppies can generally be broken from jumping up within one day.

He will quickly learn that in order to get attention from you he must not jump. However this does not necessarily mean that he will make that association with all people.

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puppy jumping up, beautiful Golden Retriever standing in field of flowers

Make sure that you do not allow anyone to encourage your Golden to jump up to be greeted.

It is not rude to tell people that you are trying to train your dog properly.

Make your puppy sit or stand still while other people are petting him.

Consistency is the most important rule. If you allow your puppy to jump on you during playtime, but do not want him jumping at other times, he will not make the association.

Simply do not allow jumping up for any reason.

By teaching him this now, you will have a well mannered Golden Retriever throughout all your life.

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