SHAMROCK, I miss you

by Sharon

Shamrock was like our 5th child. She should have been named Shadow. I went no where without her.

All she had in her was love, pure love. She couldn't have been mean to anyone or anything if she tried to be.

Everyday she would greet me at the door with whatever "thing" she could find on the floor as her present. Tail wagging as if to say, "I've missed you so much, I'm so glad you are home!"

We had her only 7 short years, she had cancer and had to be put to sleep.

It's been 6 months, but I can't get over the loss. We have a new Golden now, and we love him too, but he can never replace my Shamrock.

They say that if you get one good dog in your life, consider yourself lucky. Well I had one, maybe this new one will be too, but I'll never forget Shamrock.

She had unconditional love, pure and simple. Her eyes shined with light and love.

I've had quite a few dogs in my life, but there is something different about a Golden Retriever. It's as though they are filled to the brim with joy and love that they have to give to you.

I'll never own any other breed. Goodbye Shamrock, wait for me, and I will see you again.

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Nov 15, 2012
by: Aunt Koy

I read your comments about loosing your Goldens to cancer... and I'm going to send it to my closest best friend.... Natalie...
Layla was diagnosed with cancer and has only 2-6 weeks with her family... it's torture knowing how soon she'll been gone from us... Layla is part of our neighborhood and our community. We all know and love her and can't imagine seeing Nat without her by her side on her runs.... if you pray, pray for her strength and endurance through this unimaginable hard time... What a blessing to have them love and bless us the way they do while on this planet... Thanks to this webpage...and those that created it... me,koy

Feb 23, 2011
Your story
by: Anonymous

I ready your story and thought I was reading my own life with Amber who passed on 8/9/10 with Cancer. She was the greatest dog on earth. She can never be replaced.

She had so much love to give even though she had a hard life herself with two hip displaysia surgeries. Her temperament was the best, not a mean bone in her body. I tried to make her life the best I could I could not give her enough love. And the decision to give her peace from Cancer was the most heartbreaking one anyone could ever do. Losing her was worse than losing my parents. (Sorry mom and dad).

I too have another dog now and call her Amber every day on accident. It is a hard habit to break.

Dec 07, 2010
Golden's are wonderful
by: Laurie

I totally agree about Golden's being different from any other dog. There is just something about their personality and those big brown eyes looking into yours. They are a wonderful breed. We had to put our Molly to sleep 2 weeks ago. We miss her so much. She was such a joy. I am so sorry for your loss and you are right....I feel the same about Molly....never will there be a dog like her! All the best to you!

Jun 15, 2010
Your Love for Shamrock
by: Diane

It is so obvious how much you loved Shamrock. Though her life was short, it sounds as if you gave her everything a dog could hope for....owners that truly cared about her!

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