Facts About Tick Bites

Tick bites are not usually painful.  Unfortunately, you usually do not even know you have been bitten until you see it attached to you.

It generally takes about 48 hours for them to spread infection.

Depending on where you or your dog may have been bitten, not being able to feel their bite is not a good thing.

This is why it is a good idea to keep your Golden Retriever on a good dog flea and tick medicine. 

With their long coats, it is not easy to find an attached tick and if one is overlooked, the medicine will kill it before it has time to spread any illnesses.

If you do find one that has bitten into you or your dog, make sure that you remove it properly and that its head comes out.

Removing ticks from dogs is not hard to do as long as you make sure your Golden Retriever stays still while you remove it.

There are many different types of ticks and though everyone always worries about Lyme Disease, there are actually other diseases and illnesses that can be caused by their bites.

If you are wondering, “What do ticks look like?”, be assured that once you see one, you will be able to easily recognize any of them, as they all resemble each other, and have a flat, “seed-type” body to them.

tick bites, beautiful adult Golden Retriever

Usually tick bites will not cause any immediate sickness. 

Any diseases that may be contracted can take weeks, or even months, for the signs to appear and therefore, you may not realize that it relates back to being bitten.

If you or your Golden do get bit, you may want to take note of when that happened, just in case any problems would arise in the future.

If you would happen to develop a bulls-eye rash after any bites, this calls for an immediate visit to your doctor.

This could be an early sign of Lyme Disease, or of STARI, depending upon what type bit you.

There are a few things you can do to help keep these pests to a minimum around your yard and out of your house.

If you like to hike in the woods, then you should wear some type of repellent to be on the safe side.

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