Most Common Types of Ticks

There are various different types of ticks, but there are 3 types that are the most common in the United States.

They are:

Dermacentor Variabilis American Dog Tick

Amblyomma Americanum Lone Star Tick

Ixodes Scapularis Blacklegged Tick

These particular groups are the main carriers of different types of diseases.

different types of ticks chart for size

The American Dog Tick is sometimes referred to as a wood tick and it is the most common and the largest in size.

They feed off of larger animals, including humans.

types of ticks, American Dog Tick photo

They do not carry Lyme Disease but they are the main carriers of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

They are most active April through June but can be found throughout the year.

They can live up to 2 years and one female can lay 5,000 eggs.

These types are found in every state east of the Rocky Mountains and in certain spots in a few western states, such as Washington and California.

Blacklegged Ticks are sometimes referred to as deer ticks.

They do carry Lyme Disease and are the smallest in size, reaching only 1/8 of an inch at maturity.

types of ticks, Blacklegged Tick photo

They are active from the beginning of spring throughout the fall.

Their life cycle is about 2 years and they prefer to feed off of rodents and deer, but will feed off of anything they can latch onto, including dogs and people.

They live in the Northeast, Central and Eastern United States.

Their relatives---the Western Blacklegged Ticks-- live west of the Rocky Mountains, and these related types also carry Lyme Disease.

Lone Star Ticks are also a carrier of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, but not Lyme Disease.

These types are found in the Southeast and South central part of the United States.

They are in between the sizes of the Blacklegged and the American Dog varieties.

The female has a white spot in the middle of her back.

They are most active April through July.

The saliva from their bite can cause irritation, redness and soreness.

It is impossible to totally rid your environment of all types of ticks, but there are many things you can do to prevent having them on your Golden Retriever, in your house, and from biting into you.

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