Weaning Puppies

When weaning puppies, it is best to try and stick to a regular schedule.

This doesn't have to be an exact set schedule of hours, but rather, certain times of the day in general.

weaning Golden Retriever puppies

You will need to gradually build up to 4 feedings a day while the puppies are weaning.

When they are 3 weeks old, it is time to introduce them to solid food.

Get some dry puppy food, not adult dog kibble, and soak it in warm water for about 20 minutes. It will soften to a nice mush, which is exactly what you want!

Place the soaked down mush into large, shallow bowls, then set the puppies in front of it and stand back!

They are going to have a riot! Some will nibble at it, others will walk through it, and some will even try and lay down for a nap in it!

Enjoy this spectacle now because it only takes a few feedings before they really get the hang of it and get straight to business.

Using two bowls is a good idea, but you will still have some pups that will crowd around one bowl, even though the other bowl has plenty of room to eat at!

While weaning, you will want to start with one meal a day, then two, once in the morning and again in the evening.

puppies learning to eat puppy food

After 2 days, move it to 3 times daily, then to 4. When the pups are completely weaned, you can go back to only 3 feedings a day; morning, afternoon, and evening.

Make sure you give them plenty of food. It is better to have too much, as momma will gobble up what is left over anyway!

Keep a shallow bowl of water for them to drink out of. They will not actually start drinking water right away, but it needs to be there for them to “practice” with.

Once they are truly eating their food, and not just learning how to, then they will start drinking lots of water.

Once they are 6 weeks old, gradually lessen the amount of water that you soak the food with. By 8 weeks of age, Golden Retrievers should be eating plain dry puppy food as that is best for their teeth.

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